Ambulances and rescue vehicle

Building an ambulance imposes us to respect very strict rules in terms of safety and hygiene. As a result, we make use of high-quality materials and select our suppliers very carefully in order to meet the full satisfaction of the public- or private-sector users.

We realize a complete and approved fitting-out in accordance with the EN1789 standard.

Thanks to 3D simulation software we guarantee the optimal use of space and respect of weight constraints.


  • Wide choice of priority signals
  • 220V (AC) circuit
  • Independent 12V (DC) circuit managed by programmable module.
  • Air conditioning and heating
  • Painting, striping and lettering
  • Telecommunication
  • Seats subjected to M1 test
  • Strecher and hydropneumatic suspension support
  • Custom-built furniture fixtures and fittings
  • Fixing and integration of medical equipments
  • Coatings in composite materials
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation